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born March 27th 2014

Rytex Rhys is an English springer spaniel who came to join the Courtridge pack on May 18th at 7 1/2 weeks old.

These pages will seek to chronicle his progress, achievements, training and general development from his arrival here.

Rather a long time has passed since the last update on Rhys, but here are some photos showing his development.

Sunday June 1st

As it was a beautiful sunny day I decided to get the paddling pool out and give Rhys his first water experience apart from up-ending the drinking water bowl periodically that is!

He likes it and doesn't appear to be concerned that the paddling pool is a girlie colour!

His first week has been an active and fun-packed adventure for him in discovering his new world. I should mention here that his 'world' is very small at the moment and consists his cage (bed) which is surrounded by a playpen.

When he has time out, his world also contains the conservatory and the garden and time in both those places is with me whereas the times in bed and his playpen are largely on his own except at night when the other dogs sleep in the same room. That's all he needs at the moment and there will be many months ahead when new places can be given to him and he can find out that the world is, in fact, much bigger. I shall expect more from him before he's given more of a world in which he will need to observe certain rules and conform to certain behaviours acceptable to me and the wider environment.

Rhys at one week in residence! Very confident, into everything!