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2015 marked the 10th anniversary of becoming the first instructor to gain accreditation under the Kennel Club accreditation scheme. A very proud moment for me!

Hello, and thank you for visiting my site.

This is me, and the better looking one on the right is Alfie (Treunair Argyle of Courtridge).

My hobby is training working gundogs. I also help other people to train their gundogs to work on a shoot, prepare for competitions and in general obedience thus giving dogs the opportunities to enjoy activities for which they were bred.

I am a Kennel Club Accredited instructor for Working Gundogs, at advanced grade, and am fully committed to working in a professional manner giving instruction in groups or on an individual basis.

I am also proud and honoured to be the president of the pdti (Pet Dog Training Instructors) an organization which seeks to provide training, education and qualifications to those working with the ever-increasing numbers of companion dogs and their owners. See

My philosophy concerning dog training is quite simple in that I believe everyone should teach a dog, right from the start of their relationship with them, about what they want the dog to do. This, of course, has to develop as the dog grows but many lessons taught to a young puppy will remain with the puppy for life and the earlier these lessons start, the better the bond between dog and handler. That teaching should never be based on punishment but should involve patience together with insistence and consistency and providing circumstances whereby the chances are that the puppy will do what you want because there is no other choice or where all the choices are acceptable to you.

Guided learning for a dog is all about environment and having a good teacher who is also a respected leader.

My dogs - in addition to Alfie above

Be (Merryway Bebe of Courtridge) engaged in doing one of the things she liked best - retrieving wounded duck, in this case from the river Wye. Be was 16 years old in August 2010 and died 2 months later in October.

(Photograph: David Tomlinson)

Gemma (Mistybrook Breeze of Courtridge) now aged 11yrs. Gemma had a litter of 8 in 2007 and her second litter of 8 in November 2010

3 of Gemma's puppies at 6 weeks old looking very angelic - mainly because they were tired!

Connie (Courtridge Connie) who is Gemma's daughter (now 6 years old) pictured here setting off to do a retrieving exercise at a puppy gundog working test when she was a year old.

(Photograph: Alison Spiers)

Gemma and Connie winter 2010