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Respect & Leadership in Dog Training & Related Articles

Published in 2005       ISBN 1-41205478-8

available from and

This is not a training book in terms of a manual of exercises or tips concerning dog training other than in the final two parts of the book.

What it deals with is what we, the human side of the partnership, need to be aware of in ourselves which could hinder the training and learning process for the dog and thus put at risk the future relationship between ourselves and a dog.

It is about a human taking a leadership role in a fair and consistent way without resorting to anger and it is about having respect for the dog which in turn leads to a dog having respect for its leader.

Taking Control. The How & Why of Basic Gundog Training

published in 2006 ISBN 141209942-0

available from and

This is a book about basic gundog training, aimed at those people who want to train a puppy themselves either on their own or in conjunction with some gundog training classes. It is for people of all levels of experience and ability.

It is a foundation course, where all gundogs should start, and is suitable for whatever levels a handler may wish to aim.

It may not be similar to other books because this describes my methods, the ones I developed firstly to teach my dogs and later used to teach other people so they could train their own dogs.

The methods are kind, reward-based with praise and unlike many traditional gundog training methods do not advocate any harsh punishments or 'dog breaking' as it is known.

If you have a gundog puppy and want to learn how to train it right from the start to become your shooting companion or simply to be a loyal, obedient companion, this is the book for you!

Further Control. The How & Why of Advanced Gundog Training

published in 2007       ISBN 152515986-9

available from and

This book follows on from Taking Control, building onto the basic gundog foundation work covered previously.

The methods used are the same but Further Control explains and teaches you how to deal with more complex handling and more advanced work for the dog.

This book together with Taking Control covers everything you need to know!

Training the Working Retriever

published in 2009 by Quiller ISBN 978-1-84689-060-4

available from and 

Training the Working Retriever combines all the training covered in Taking Control and Further control with a large section on puppy care and domestic training too.

It is beautifully and generously illustrated with many coloured photographs showing all the exercises in detail.

In the words of David Tomlinson (correspondent for The Shooting Times)

"Of all the training methods I've come across, none has impressed me more than those practised by Anthea Lawrence"

ebook ........

Training the Working Retriever

is also available as an ebook download from Amazon